Saturday, December 22, 2007

A "Home For The Holidays" Event

It can be easy sometimes to get carried away with a 'theme'. At Christmas...I see way too many events that take the christmas theme too far. The above picture is too me, an incredibly beautiful example of a "Home For The Holidays" theme christmas event! I love the rich homey feel of the chocolate color in the chivari chairs which pops with the bright red. Soft lighting and the garland hung from the ceiling makes this event feel like a warm and inviting Christmas at home!

There's something really beautiful about this "Christmas Present" Cake Idea. I love the idea of having tree banches and glass ball ornaments decorating the tree as well. It becomes a lovely little centerpeice to the room. I would have used more greenery on the table and a rich red linen.


Photos courtesy of The Knot.

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