Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Advice: 'Adult Only' Reception

Q: We are just in the process of receiving our reply cards back. A few of our friends are replying that their children will be coming with them. My fiance and I feel that a reception is not a place for kids. If we wanted any there, our first pick would be our own family, and those children will not be attending and their parents are fine with that. Any ideas on how we can break the news but not hurt anyone’s feelings? We truly feel if we say no kids then some of our guests will not come….Help?

A: There are a few ways to handle this.
1. You may talk to the guests who have added their children and see how they handle the news that you intentionally did not include the children in the invitation. Explain to them that this was an effort you made for them to enjoy the evening as a couple. Or tell them there just is not enough room in the venue for addittional guests.
2. You can let the idea of your adult only reception go. Tell your family memebers they can bring their children, add a kids table and kid friendly menu options and make peace with the change of plans.
3. You could hire a nanny or babysitter for those guests that do bring their children with them. Professional services will provide activities, swings, etc and cater to children of varying ages. You would provide a room on site for these children to be cared for, away from the rest of the guests. Parents won't have to pay for a sitter or deal with an seperation issues to attend the event!

Best of luck in handling this awkward situation!

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