Friday, October 19, 2007


Do you decorate for Autumn...throw a party? What are your Halloween plans? Do you have a fabulous costume for yourself, your baby your pet? Share what is inspiring you this Fall!

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My inspiration this year...My 5 month old daughter, Little Miss Raleigh!

She is getting ready for her first Halloween! We went to pick out a costume and I showed her a penguin and she laughed hysterically. I showed her a pink cat...nothing. A Monkey...nothing. Many more and no reaction at all. So, I picked up the penguin again and I got another beautiful, here is my princess as a little penguin!

For Thanksgiving she will get to experience her first crazy Holiday with the whole family! With 8 siblings...that's a lot of crazy! I am inspired by good southern cooking, long tables filled with family and the sweetest smells!

I love autumn! It's a time for change and anticipation!

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