Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Mingle Plate

While Blog Hopping...I came across this fabulous post on At Home with Kim Vallee

Everyone has done the awkward mingle juggle at a party. Food in one hand, drink in another, an introduction is taking place and you have no free hand! So Kim posted her wonderful find: a glass tapas plate designed for d'dimension from Sweden.

"Johan Sandström designed a plate suitable for both sweet treats and tapas, the salty small dishes. We can read about this young designer on d'dimension Web site:

Johan provides solutions to our everyday problems in a Scandinavian steadfast manner. The outcome is an innovative design combining style and functionality.

Something called social plates, mingle plates are a must because having a free hand while you are socializing at a cocktail event is a necessity.

As you can see from the picture, d'glas fits on top of almost every shape of bar glasses. And when comes the time for bite-sized desserts, I am guessing that d'glas can stand on top of a regular teacup with saucer.

Buy online: d'glas mingle plate for d'dimension at Scandinavian Design Center - price: $33.95 for 10 plates
Learn more: Products of d'dimension "

Check out Kim's post Here.

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At Home with kim vallee said...

Thank you for the mention.
Your readers may be interested to know that I showed several mingling plates over times. FYI, the URL to the featured post is

Notice: I wrote it as a comment because I did not find a Contact link on your blog.